A wide range of boarding schools are available these days that vary from a handful of boarders in day schools to occasional day pupil boarding schools. There are large numbers of such schools that offer weekly boarding as flexi boarding or as a half-way house, which enable the students to stay at school on a occasional basis, so that it fits with their parent’s diaries and their activities.

What is on offer by these boarding schools varies noticeably. Boarding schools as compared to the day schools provide much more time to present a full educational program, which includes sports, cultural activities, community activities and outdoor activities. All good boarding schools capitalize on this concept and even if they have provision to take day pupils, they expect them to be there late in the day or come on weekends. While the inefficient boarding schools or those with few boarders ignore such weekends or extra evening hours, this would leave the teenagers at a loose end.

Boarding makes a good sense to those parents who don’t find a suitable day school within reach or those parents who find it difficult to manage children at day schools due to their hectic lifestyle. From child’s point, parents who have trouble or personal problems at home think to put their child on boarding school to make them happy. Again it depends on the child’s attitude. Some children are very independent and like to flourish in boarding schools; while others may feel home sick and feel rejected when they are put away from parents and become very much demodulated. But quality boarding schools offer different experience to your child who dislikes boarding schools.

Things to consider while you choose a boarding school:

Distance: Most parents in UK choose a boarding school that is usually within a distance of one and half hour traveling from home. They wish to stay in touch with their children as well as the school authorities. If this is impossible they wish to choose schools that are close to friends, relatives or grandparents so that in emergency the child can get care of someone he or she knows.

Schedule and extra-curricular activities: Parents often enquire about the schedule of the day and how it is organized, the extra curricular activities, especially at weekends and other factors. Whether the activities are geared for boarders or day pupils? Whether the child is free to pursue his own interest, or which school regards as appropriate for children? What is the contact of the school with the local community or other schools in the areas? What about outings to local towns- unaccompanied or accompanied?

Home Contact: Parents wish to learn if the school provides sufficient telephone or other contact facilities like email or web cam conference to boarding pupils to contact their family or friends.

Food and Health: Parents take a lot of care for the food and the health of their children in boarding schools. What food is provided to them, if other food items can be bought by them to eat? What are the house kitchen facilities, hygiene and cleanliness? Health care facilities, medicines and other care options are also taken into consideration.

Houses: Parents meet the house staff and try to find out if they are sufficiently qualified and suitable to look after their wards, what kind of pastoral care they offer? What are dormitories and other rooms, privacy of pupils, if they are allowed to dormitories or bedrooms during day hours? If the bed time offered is sensible and suitable to children?

Vacations: How long and how many? If they are fixed or flexible, what if at times parents wish to take their children out of school for a short notice or before the end of a term? Parents wish to know all these various factors before they put their children to a boarding school.

Sickness: What provisions the schools have for children if they fell sick? Is there a doctor to treat and a nurse to take care of children in the premises?

There are diffrent types of boarding schools

Independent Boarding Schools which are independent of local or central government control.MBA Finance Boarding schools in India

Girls Boarding schools : Boys Boarding Schools : Catholic Boarding Schools

International Boarding Schools : Military Boarding Schools

Special Boarding/Therapeutic Boarding schools