Girls Boarding Schools

‚ÄúChristine is a good kid. She has a good heart. It just seems as if the pressure gets to her. She does things that seem so out of character, I feel like my daughter is a stranger. The sarcasm is becoming intolerable. I am tired of being the enemy, especially when I know her behavior is going to hurt her. I’m no longer so sure my little girl has a bright future. I’m nervous about sending her away to boarding school, but I have a feeling getting her away from the bad influences will help. The idea of a girls boarding school appeals to me, because boys seem to be a big part of the problem for Christine. ” – Mother of a 14-year-old struggling teen.

Many parents of girls know adolescence does not arrive on a specified date. They know it has nothing to do with a magical number like 14. The signs might be sporadic at first: a sudden outburst that seems like an overreaction, a little more sarcasm peppering their answers to your questions, a little less cooperation.

Teenaged girls show pretty typical behavior patterns: increased need for independence, more interest in their appearance and boys’ interest in them, less tolerance of parents’ need to know what they are doing, emotional outbursts, and often outright hostility toward any attempt to “guide” or advise them. Most troubled girls move through this phase and mature into young women. However, some teenaged girls seem to spiral out of control, making the lives of their parents and siblings miserable.

While the “teenaged years” are normal, it’s important as the parents of teenaged girl to know the difference between normal acting out and behaviors that could put your daughter’s academic and social future at risk. The behaviors that can be most damaging to teenaged girls:

Alcohol or Drug Use
Sexual Promiscuity
Skipping School or Performing below Ability (drop in grades)

Many times, removing your child from the peer / social environment that has allowed these self-defeating behaviors to thrive is the best first step toward putting them on the path to a bright, successful future. Local private schools might help, but not if the neighborhood peer group still influences her. Sometimes a boarding school for girls away from all negative influences is the right choice for girls who are not achieving their potential.

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