International boarding schools

Open-minded and keen students often choose an international boarding school. In the motivating environment of renowned boarding schools – privately run schools with adjoining boarding facilities – the student’s full potential is realized. The challenge of a stay abroad is enhanced by a valuable learning experience.


Pupils of the most diverse nationalities attend boarding schools, which can be found in nearly all countries worldwide:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Thailand and USA.

Nowadays it is very important to pay attention to a sound international orientation when making a decision about your child’s education. Intercultural understanding can only be developed by direct contact in a multinational environment which can be experienced, for example, in a European, Indian or American boarding school.

Duration of stay at an international Boarding School

There are various options for a stay at an international boarding school:

  • 2 years – With the correct choice of subjects, an internationally recognized school leaving certificate can be obtained.
  • 1 year – During a 1 year stay at the boarding school, the student’s language abilities are significantly improved. Moreover, distance from familiar surroundings encourages the personal development and self dependence of the child. With the correct choice of subjects, re-entry to a school in home countries runs smoothly.
  • 1 term (3 months) – during a 3 month period, life at a boarding school can be tried and tested as well as language abilities improved. Re-entry to schools in the home country should happen effortlessly.

Overall the trend away from boarding has largely been reversed and the overall number of boarders is increasing (some hold Harry Potter responsible). But some schools are abandoning boarding and you should satisfy yourself that your chosen school is not one of them – it is no fun for your child to be rattling around in half-empty accommodation or finding themselves alone at weekends. Look for a good boarding environment (lots of weekend activities etc), not just lots of boarders.

Independent Boarding Schools which are independent of local or central government control.

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